“Fruit of the Earth”: Viet Bao Gallery 2009
“January”: Paradise Art Gallery 2009
FOB II “Art Speaks”: VAALA Center 2009
“Mother Earth”: Paradise Gallery 2008
“Vivid”: Paradise Art Gallery 2008
“The Nine”: Martin Luther King Jr. Library Gallery 2007
“Nostalgia for the Motherland”: Paradise Art Gallery 2006
“Echo of Night”: Paradise Art Gallery 2006
“Approaching Winter”: Paradise Art Gallery 2005
Gallery: Morgan Hill Culture and Community Center 2005
“Mist in Early Dawn”: Paradise Art Gallery 2003
“Flight of Dreams”: San Jose Museum of Art 2003
“Spring Exhibition”: Paradise Art Gallery 2003
“Golden Dreams”: Saigon Civic Center 2003
“Stream of Thought”: La Gallaria 2001
Selected Artist: Works Gallery 2001-2007
Tet Festival 1998
Tet Lang Vietnam: San Jose Civic Center 1997
Santa Clara Art Fair 1997-2002
Art Exhibition: The Philippines 1987
Quang Da University: Da Nang, Vietnam 1974
Vietnamese-American Association: Da Nang, Vietnam 1973

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